It was a bit of a hard choice to make what artist I would feature in my first post.
When I looked through my books I found a book about Arthur Rackham and knew what to subject to pick. A popular and well known person but nonetheless a very interesting subject.

Arthur Rackham was an English illustrator and one of the most prolific in the so called golden age of illustration, he made his fame by illustrating gift books. These books were richly filled with not only black and white illustrations but also coloured illustrations that became more prevalent and affordable by the invention of color separating techniques at the end of the Victorian era.

The subjects of these books where often whimsical tales such as folk tales, fairytales, world literature, myths and legends etc. Arthur Rackham’s name is often said within the topic of fairytales. his work interests me because beautiful inked lines with many subtile washes of watercolor.

Here you can see of his work: