a new visual art and illustration blog

Welcome to this new art blog: Elaborateart.com. My name is Thomas, I am an illustrator and designer with a passion for visual art. The main goal of this blog is to tell the world about the things I am passionate about and to show beauty in visual art with a focus on historical and figurative art, illustration and design.

By historical art/design/illustration I mean anything that predates (post)modernism, my personal taste of art is rather eclectic my biggest interest is the nineteenth century or in the period before The Great War. this includes major art movements like: Symbolism, pre-Raphaelites, Art-Nouveau / Jugendstil, Japonism, Ukiyo-e, Nihonga, impressionism, the golden age of illustration etc.

New posts will appear 3-5 times per week or even more if the posts are smaller and contain more images.

I hope you will enjoy this blog.